Welcome to Legend Guardians

Welcome to Legend Guardians, fellas. This instruction will help you understand the basic before we truly enter the journey
⚔️ Introducing a Rising Star in the ROFI Multiverse: LEGEND GUARDIANS ⚔️
️We’re pleased to propose the next game that will be integrated into the ROFI Multiverse after HeroFi - Legend Guardians. This is an aRPG game where users can command a team with 3 stunning Heroes to recover the Soul Stone, reconnect the magical world.
  • By using the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to acquire the heroes and items as well as other Play-2-Earn features, players will be able to earn income while enjoying many entertaining aspects of the game.
  • ️Same as HeroFi, $ROFI will also stand an important role in the economy of Legend Guardians.
Have you prepared yourself to conquer the battlefield of Legend Guardians, guys? 🔥